Chinese Lion Dancing
  • Lion dance performances are done at birthday and graduation parties, grand openings and anniversary celebrations, weddings, community events, and more!

  • Team members should wear their uniform (team polo shirt, black long pants, team belt, leggings, and covered shoes) to performances.  Team items are available for purchase; see Brandon.

  • Team members meet at a designated location about an hour before a performance is scheduled to begin.  Performances can last from ten minutes to half an hour.  However, performances begin according to the schedule of the event, and it's common for event schedules to run on "Hawaiian time"!

  • Post-performance meals are provided by the team, usually at another location.  Though we like to reward our patient and hard-working members with a team meal, participation in post-performance gatherings isn't mandatory.

  • Estimated time for most activities:  3 to 4 hours.


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