keiki with belt

  • Belt stripes are awarded every three months, based upon achievement in two categories:  Martial Skill (red stripes) and Scholarship (yellow stripes).  

  • The red Martial Skill stripes emphasize achievement in the skills taught at practices:  lion dancing, instrument competency, and Kung Fu.  Attendance at practices and performances for younger keiki are rewarded by belt stripes.  Older keiki can also earn stripes if they demonstrate proficiency in a martial arts set, or perform a martial arts set at one of our community events.

  • The yellow Scholarship stripes emphasize achievement in school and the community.  We depend on parents to inform instructors when their child has achieved significant Scholarship; we want our keiki's accomplishments to be formally recognized by the team.  School achievements might include: Honor Roll attainment, certificates or awards that acknowledge scholastic accomplishments, or scholarships received.  Community achievements might include:  civic awards or leadership roles; noteworthy service to a community organization; significant contribution to a community event.

  • Achievement of ten red belt stripes and a minimum of one yellow stripe will result in the award of a new belt.  There is a hierarchy of seven belts.  From least to most advanced, they are:  black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.


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