Lead Instructors


Brandon, founder of ALDT, has over thirty years of lion dance and martial arts experience.  He is currently an Information Security specialist within the federal government.  He considers himself a HUGE fan of the following: classic Star Wars, Harry Potter books, and the Dallas Cowboys. He and his wife have two sons, both who are a part of the ALDT Keiki Program.

Stuart, who began studying martial arts in the 5th grade, has been a part of ALDT since its inception in 1994.  Currently, he is a programming analyst employed by the state.  While Stuart enjoys reading, hiking, and watching Kung Fu performance videos, his greatest accomplishment has been marrying his wife.  Of her and their marriage, Stuart says, “I have MUCH better taste than she does!”

Assistant Instructors

Brent, a five-year ALDT member and graduate of Maryknoll High School, is presently a college student working towards a degree in Information Technology.  He joined ALDT with a wealth of prior martial arts experience, including one year of Aikido and eleven years of Kung Fu.  His interests include cartoons, video games, and computers.


Jackie is a full-time student at a local university, double-majoring in Dance and Sports Medicine. She has been a member of ALDT for five years, and handles many of ALDT's administrative responsibilities.  In her free time, she enjoys baking, dancing, acting, and reading.  One quote that embodies Jackie's life:  "I have no time for a crisis this week, my calender's already full!" 


James is currently pursuing a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii.  He has been studying martial arts and lion dancing with ALDT for five years, and has five additional years of training in Aikido.  James enjoys online gaming and watching anime; he is also the administrator of the (unused) ALDT forum!


Paul has ten years of martial arts experience, seven with ALDT.  A graduate of Maryknoll High School (where he was a recipient of the Martial Arts Award), he has since earned a degree in English with Honors from the University of Hawaii.  He intends to pursue a graduate degree in Library Information Sciences.  Paul's hobbies include reading, writing, gaming, and movies.

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